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Hello, and Happy New Year! 2018

What is a memory? A memory is a feeling, a reminder, a historical event. These days we are all so busy, we tend to forget or overlook the little joys in life. Last year I was moving so quickly, I realized I could not even remember what I did the previous day.

To help solve my memory loss, last year I challenged myself to capture a photo event every day. I called it my Photo Challenge for 365 days. I took several photos a day and choose the one that represented the something special I wanted to remember for that day. Then I will wrote a short description of the event on the photo along with posting it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, I am happy to announce that I have an album of 2017 that showcases memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Here is what I learned from this amazing experience:

Why did I make my 2017 New Year’s Resolution to take a Photo of the Day for 365 days?

As I look back over the last year, I am reminded that there are so many precious memories throughout my life that I have forgotten. Or in many cases, the memories are a blur and I struggle to recall the elusive yet vital details - the who, when and where – that make the memory meaningful. For example, today my husband David reminded me this was the date when I decided he was the one, and from there we started our life together. I think we all experience this “misplaced memory” syndrome, so last year I decided that I would do a ‘photo of the day’ to try and capture something special about each day, something worth remembering. Now, as we start the new year, I can look back over all these moments from the previous years events and happenings, and the fun memories I treasured.

You too can capture a Photo of the day- check out my year.

What did I learn from this experience?

Not that I needed another mandatory event add to my daily chores, but I found it rewarding to focus on the highlights of the day. Every day has something to be grateful for that is worth remembering. Daily, I looked forward to discovering what would be the next photo of the day. I guess you could say I am adding a positive aspect to my day as each day I focus on what happened in my life that I want to remember.

How am I going to relate this experience to my business at Captured Moments?

We all have the boxes and bins filled with memorabilia, much of it we have not seen in years. And there are all the photos and videos on our phones, tablets, camera cards and computers that are not organized or not easily found. With my services, I provide valuable options for documenting, organizing, digitizing and sharing – hence, creating a journal of one’s life. I am all about getting the memories out of the box and into your daily life. The memories make us who we are today – and they can tell our story. Every day adds to your journal of your life, so manage it well.

Why am I encouraging my clients, friends and family to start their own 2018 Photo of the Day?

Like many of us, we take zillions of random photos a day; food, odometers, and other miscellaneous objects and minutia. This can add to the clutter in our life when it is not done thoughtfully and in an organized way. And who needs another task of organizing voluminous clutter that is so overwhelming.

If we start each day by thinking of what is important to preserve and document the meaningful events, in the future we will appreciate the memories and where it brought us today.

Here’s an idea - instead of a coffee break, take a photo delete break. We all have those superfluous photos, so let’s start our new year by taking a few minutes a day to organize our life.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

  1. I had so much fun capturing a photo of the day that I plan to continue the ritual. Maybe not with the same intent, but a photo that I feel needs to be shared with my family and friends.

  2. The usual New year resolutions- eating better and exercising. I always start off with a bang - and slow down as the year pasts.

  3. Being grateful for what I have and pay it forward.

Can you remember what you were doing last year on this day?

Please join in with the photos challenge; it's never too late to start your journal of your life.

Join me on Facebook (judy.bujold), Instagram ( fotopassion), and Twitter ( @judybujold), and we can track our events together.

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