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Monthly Backup Reminder - October

Where has the time gone? It’s the end of the month and time to do a few photo related tasks if you haven’t already done so. 

1.    Empty your memory card, and move pictures and videos over from your phone, tablet, camera, and other devices

2.    Find your must haves and delete the rest

3.    Rename,  place in folders/albums and add metadata and don't forget to rate

4.    Perform a manual backup (unless you have auto-backups in place- redundancy is important).

5. Contact your favorite Photo Organizer if you get stuck

For many of you, the clocks fall back next week. This is a good time to check the performance of any external backup drives you have in place. Make sure your backup drives are labeled with the date of purchase and the date of their last ‘health check’. Every 6 months is a good time to monitor your drives. 

Happy November! 


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