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Let's Tackle your Digital Organization Mess!


Bringing order to your photo chaos is my passion.   Through the hands-on organization, together we will conquer your daunting photo organization task.


  • Digital Photo Roundup

  • Scanning loose photos and memorabilia

  • Video, Slides and Negative conversion to digital

  • Consolidate, tagging and backing up digital photos and Videos

  • Sorting by date

  • Checking for Duplicates

  • Giving you the skill to manage your photos going forward

  • Cloud management


Virtual Organization
With my Virtual Digital Organizing service, we’ll digitally declutter, then rename, keyword, and organize your digital files, so you can back them up and keep them safe! We’ll implement a better organization strategy, and simplify your digital workflow to help you stay organized in the long run!


  • Create a photo management plan

  • Create a new file naming convention

  • Implement a backup plan

  • Set up a digital calendar

  • Implement a cloud solution


Cloud storage options and management

You shouldn't have to pay to have access to your photos! Your original library should be available when needed. That is why I would not recommend that cloud storage be your end-all.   It's a great back up solution for those with internet access.  Let's discuss all the options before you get overwhelmed!!


Digital Organization and Management

Digital Organization - Virtual Organization -  Cloud storage options and management


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