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Have your pictures been Tagged?

Remember back in the days of loose photos, the only way to identify a person was to write on the back of the photo. If you’re lucky, your Mom took the time to identify each person in the photo.  Sometimes all we got is a date, which was better than nothing. Still, today I have no idea who half of the people are in many of my old photos because no one took the time to write any names. That is lost forever.


For those photos that your mom took the time to write the names on the back; maybe she also wrote a date and the location too. That information really makes that photo so much more valuable to you. However, when you scan in the photo you really can’t scan the back of the photo to get that information associated with the front. But you can apply that information about the pictures as ‘tags’. These tags are forever a part of that photo, stored internally as metadata.


Once you have tagged a photo you will not have to do it again except to edit or add to the photo’s tags.  That is why tagging is so important for your scanned photos - and your new digital photos- it’s an excellent way to ID your family and friends in a picture. So in 50 years from now, you will now know who the person is standing next to you and where the photo was taken. And best of all you can now search and filter through volumes of scanned and digital photos using the tags you created.


Many photo organizing software apps today, provides you with options for tagging, renaming, keywords, and locations.  My favorite company is called Forever. With Forever, you can edit, organize, store, and share your photos.  Plus, providing a permanent place for families to preserve and share their stories, values, and tradition - passing those memories down to future generations.


Click here to take a test drive  and experience how easy it is to Tag, ID, and Share your precious memories.

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