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   Watch Home Videos with your Family this summer!

Your home movies store true treasures - a time capsule to the past holding memories, footage of your family in action. However, in this day and age, with VCRs and video camera equipment long gone for the most part, our clients wonder what they can or should do with the old video tapes.

Here are a few suggestions along with a 15% off coupon off your next VHS transfer.


  1.  Have your videos transferred to full digital files- MP4 (Having them transferred to a DVD is not acceptable if you want to have the best quality and most versatile format view and edit your family movies.)

  2.  Save your full digital files in two other places for back-up.

  3.  Edit your digital files with free programs like Quicktime or iMovie (Mac) or with Movie Maker (PC - Windows Live Download). Take out those scenes that are boring, unnecessary, etc.

  4.  Share with your friends and family (YouTube, Vimeo or with copies on an external hard drive)

Need help with any of these steps? Let us know, we can provide transfer services (see special below). And, if you still want a copy on a DVD, we are happy to provide that service as well.


Thank you Pixologie for beautiful wording.



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