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Save Your Photos - No Excuses Excepted

Too FEW people are saving their photos.  What's wrong with this picture?

The day has come, and memories are being lost, stories faintly exist, and traditions are fading away. 


Family photos are integral to passing down family values, celebrating the best in life and connecting generations. I have met too many people who know they need to get their photos in order, but ffind  it overwhelming and daunting who do not take action. They feel bad, but they don't see a realistic path to bringing their family pictures together. 

How can a realistic path exist when we deal with inherited photo albums, our mass of albums, boxes, and envelopes of pictures accumulated over decades and the massive accumulation of digital photos today?

It's your time to start preserving your Memories: Both the traditional loose and Digital Memories.

Here are a few steps to guide you in the right direction to save you traditional loose Photos and Memories.

Steps for Organizing Your Photo Memories

  1. Locate your bins of old photos and albums and get them onto a large work area where for sorting.

  2. Magic marker to ID photos, rubber bands, zip locks, along with scissors for cropping out unfamiliar faces.

  3. Trash Can

  4. Remove photos from albums carefully to avoid tearing.  Otherwise, leave them in for scanning.

  5. Handle a few photos at a time. You did not accumulate these overnight, and you're not going to sort them overnight. Small bites!

  6. Sort the photos into broad categories.

  7. Trash any hopelessly blurry shots, duplicates, along with anything that's much too bright or dark.

  8. As you see the photos again, consider how you will organize them. You could arrange them chronologically, by subject, or by the event, for instance.

  9. Label the zip locks as you go through each photo or create labels for stacks and boxes for storage.

  10. Scan in each photo or use a flatbed for Album page. Contact Captured Moments for HI- speed scanning Services.

  11. Obtain or create a destination for the photos. Options: External Drive, Cloud, DVD, USB or Laptop.

  12. Using a Photo Organizing application for backup along with easy dating, tagging and renaming., DropBox, Mylio or ICloud, are recommended.

  13. Rename each photo to approximate or “fuzzy dates”.  Scanned photos keep the date scanned.

  14. Last minute sorting, organizing and trashing of duplicates.  Tell your story!

  15. Share your Legacy- Social Media, Photo Books, Cards, Artwork, email, etc.

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