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Novermber Newsletter 2020

Finally, Autumn has shown its face in northern California. We started out today with a little rain to clear the air, which was much needed. With the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves, I have started thinking of indoor digital photo organizing, photo books, and digital photo frames.


My good friend Charlotte, who recently decided to take on her digital photo organizing project, recently invested in a beautiful Nixplay digital photo frame. After buying her digital frame she shared her enthusiasm with her friends, and now they each decided to purchase a Nixplay digital photo frame for themselves. This group of Nixplay enthusiasts meet up weekly to talk about their newfound ‘gadget’ and all its exciting features.


When I asked Charlotte about her digital photo frame, she called it her ‘new friend’ and great company when at home alone. Below are two letters that Charlotte wrote explaining her passion for the frame.




November 2020


Dear Nixplay, aka Digital Photo Frame,


Hello to my new friend! I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your company. You bring back fond memories of my family, when they were young all the way to a few minutes ago. We laugh and recall when we see the images flicker across your face. You have helped me memorialize turning points in their lives and mine. You take me back to my travels and the fun and sights that I have seen. My travel buddies like you so much that they want a Nixplay, too. See how popular you are! What a great talent you possess! I like you so much that I must admit I talk to you to let you know of the pleasure that you are giving me in bringing back so many memories. I’m not crazy. I just like to enjoy my photos.


Thanks for the memories.


Your friend,











(a new Nixplay owner)

To all my other friends,


This was one of my best purchases. My family and friends have enjoyed looking at my pictures so much that I should be on commission from Nixplay. I have 3 more orders for Judy to help me process. It is easy to add pictures and the enjoyment that you will experience is a given. My scrolling through my phone for pictures has almost come to a halt. Also, it’s great company for someone who lives by herself. (Maybe that’s why I talk to the photos as they are displayed J).


Take care. Stay healthy and safe. Continue to create and capture memories.


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