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My Photo Challenge of the Day!

Hard to imagine that we are rolling into February.  January was a quick month and this year is flying by just like last year, and I am already starting to forget some important events from 2016.  Yes, our phones and camera provide metadata such as date, time and location, but with some images, I am not sure what I was some of the details of what I was doing that day.  Can you remember what you were doing last year on this day?


To deal with my fuzzy memory I challenged myself with a New Year’s resolution that I am very passionate about: to capture a photo event every day. I call it my “Photo-A-Day Challenge ”.


This is where I take several photos during the day, scan a photo, or photograph a memorabilia and then choose the one that represents something special I want to remember for that day. Then in the photo I selected I will write the date along with a short description of the event on the photo. I also like to post my photo of the day to a site like Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Not only can I share with my social network, but at the end of the year I will have a photographic journal of 2017 in addition to the memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Please join me with this photo challenge; it's never too late to start a photo journal of your year!



Visit my Blog to add your Photo of the Day!


Join me on Facebook (judy.bujold), Instagram (fotopassion), and Twitter (@judybujold), and we can track our events together.


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