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Happy New Year. 2020 here we come. Another year and another billion photos!

I have put together a roundup of some photo organizing tips from 2019. You will find lots of ideas to better organize, preserve and share your photos in 2020 and beyond. If you don’t have time to read it now, save it for a time when you can focus on preserving your photos.

One of the reasons we are all so overwhelmed by our digital photos is that we take TOO MANY PICTURES! How many screenshots did you take today? How many selfies last week? Do you have mom-brain like I do and need to take a picture of your parking spot at the mall so you can find your way back? We all do it because our digital space seems unlimited. I frequently tell people that the delete button can be our best friend.

Burst photos and Live Photos are neat to take and look at. But you can also really eat up space on your phone. It’s time to cull the extra photos so you can keep the best shots and free up room on your phone.

It’s finally time to get these print pictures out of the drawers, boxes, and closets and back into your life. It’s also time to safeguard your treasured family memories against the ravages of time. Digitize them and place them in a Digital Frame where you can enjoy the memory once again. (Place in your kitchen, den, living room???)

If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your boxes of memorabilia and old photos, I have some great advice for you. Remember that you are not throwing away Grandma! Digitize the memories and capture the story, so that down the road they will be meaningful to later generations.

Our favorite photos are often the special snapshots that we’ve framed: your grandparent’s wedding photo, your favorite picture from your honeymoon, your son’s 2-year-old portrait. It’s time to get them digitized to save them from disaster.

While it may not be the typical thing that might come to mind when writing your will or making your final wishes known to your family, letting your intentions be known for the disposition of your family photos (digital and printed) is vitally important. Ask yourself th ese questions? How safe are your digital assets? If you suddenly died or became incapacitated, would your family or authorized representative know what intangible online and “invisible” web-based accounts you have? Would they know where to find them? Would they know the passwords?

Have you ever thought about hiring a photo organizer? Someone who can take that jumble of photos in the boxes and bins in the closet and make it make sense of it all again.

What about someone to help you figure out how to get all of your digital pictures combined into one place instead of scattered across a variety of old hard drives, SD cards, phones, tablets,

and online photo storage sites?

Or someone to help you create your Digital Hub of memories for safekeeping and easy sharing.

There is a special group of people out there who love these kinds of challenges, and we are called professional photo organizers.

So, what is your 2020 vision?

Have a wonderful New Year!

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