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Judy’s Photo Organizing Do’s and Don’ts

Captured Moments offers photo organizing and Photo Book Workshops monthly at many local senior and community centers.  In these workshops, we will learn the ABC’s of organizing and practice using the do’s and don’ts listed below, to make your organizing time more fun and productive. Remember, this is your time to set aside a few hours during the month to start your photo organizing and sharing projects.  To see all upcoming workshop schedules, go to or call Judy at 916.747.9236.











 Photo Organizing DO’s

  1. Work when your energy is good, and put some music on to fit your mood!

  2. Get Help- Call a Professional Photo Organizer, a good friend or family member – it helps you to focus and to make tough decisions.

  3. Set the timer – having a beginning and an end to a daunting task is important – space out the work in manageable work sessions.

  4. Set up bins, zip locks, and/or garbage bags. Label them: Keep, Garbage, Scan, Not Sure?

  5. Work in one area of your house - a place you can see and return to often – this will help you stay focused on your mission.

  6. Work top to bottom, creating your family tree and the journal of your life. Tell a story!

  7. Remember to use the ABC’s of photo Organizing.  -

  8. Determine the value of each photo or vital document.  This will help you to decide whether to keep it or not!

  9. Label everything you possibly can so organizing your memories is easier after they are scanned.

  10. Make a final pass through the various groupings before you are done. Try to pare down similar pictures to as few as you can




 Photo Organizing DONT’s

  1. Don’t organize when you're tired or hungry!

  2. Try not to tackle the whole job in one sitting – pace yourself.

  3. Don’t buy photo albums or photo boxes until you are finished. You won’t know how many you need until you’ve done your organizing.

  4. Avoid interruptions - phone calls, emails, TV, etc.; this will only distract you.

  5. Don’t think about the size of the project or how much you have to do. This can cause procrastination. Get excited about organizing your memories and taking that first step.

  6. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to organize your photos- take a photo organizing workshop-

  7. Don’t go crazy and start trashing all the memorabilia, documents, children's records, articles, etc.   They can add lots of value when journaling your life.

  8. Don’t throw all your photos, vital docs and memorabilia into one bin for scanning. It’s best to break them down into year, date, person and/or venue for easy organizing and tracking.

  9. Don’t give up and put the photos back in a box or back on the shelf!  You can do it!

  10. Don’t forget to think about how much your friends and family will enjoy this as well. Remember, this isn’t just your legacy … it’s theirs too!










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