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Everyone is a photographer

-----We all have smartphones and want to capture the many moments in our lives. Often, we try to take a shot in a hurry or in difficult light situations and may be disappointed when we’ve lost that perfect shot. Here is a tip that will help you out with recovering that perfect photographic moment.

When taking photos in a rush you may not always get the perfect lighting that is desired, or your camera may not be picking up the colors that you were hoping for. That is where image editing programs come into play, to help make those photos look their best. Adobe Lightroom CC is an editing program that allows users to edit photos without the complicated ways of Photoshop. In Lightroom CC you have the ability to edit the exposure, contrast, shadows, and so much more! That means you may be able to correct some of the exposure flaws in the original. Lightroom CC also allows you to organize and share your photos. It is quick and easy to use and even accessible on smartphones. The basic Adobe Lightroom CC version is a free app that can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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