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Don't let the unexpected hold you back!

Generally, daily life is routine and that is a good thing. If we had major joyful events or sad events on a daily basis, it would be difficult to deal with. But because of the routine we often take life for granted, grumbling about lack of sleep, cleaning the house, or

what we are going to eat for dinner. But life is fragile.

One moment we feel invincible and the next we are lying sprawled on the pavement with a broken bone. When things like this happen, we realize just how vulnerable we are. And

times like this are frustrating because we probably had a substantial “to-do” list but we needed that darned foot to do them! But, it doesn’t have to be either, “I have a fully functional body and life is good” or, “I don’t and life is miserable.” With a little planning, life can be great in spite of these issues.

We hope that we never have a physical disability, but if we do, how about taking a few

minutes to create a plan? Observing behavior it appears that people spend more time planning vacations than they do planning their lives.

How about using this time planning to organize memories? How does this fit into those moments when the unexpected occurs? We can even create a plan to fill the gap when we have a planned surgery. Instead of feeling bored or useless because we temporarily can’t get around, think of what we can do and look at that time as a gift. Plan to have a list of the resources to organize memories.

Judy Bujold has a great resource library with newsletters giving suggestions on organization of memories. If you live locally, Judy can come to you and get your material for organizing. She offers local workshops for organizing your photos, both loose and digital! She also has online classes, and, because they are offered on a larger scale, the cost drops to make them more affordable. What is also good about online classes is that it can give those with mobility issues a way to learn about organizing memories without having to travel.

Imagine being able to turn something around. It is like the proverbial saying, “Is your glass half full or half empty?” The half-empty glass leaves a sour feeling in our life and often makes the situation even worse than it might be otherwise. Or is your glass half full? Imagine the day when that cast is removed and, not only will your foot feel great, you will have precious memories organized or well on the way.

Written by: Kat Mendenhall

Explore my Workshops offered and get your photos Organized!

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