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Memories and Moments

Memories are as unique as snowflakes and each of us has them. While we don’t choose to examine the unique details of a snowflake, we realize when a snowflake melts, our hearts aren’t broken. We know there will be the beauty of other s

nowstorms. But with the unique memories that each of us holds, when we are gone, those memories are gone. Those memories travel with us, they live with us, and they leave with us. Take a moment to slow down and look around at who is at our side and imagine that they are no longer here. All the magic and wonder that they hold is gone too.

We might think that our memories aren’t that important, but we can’t dictate how those memories affect others. Sharing memories can be like a light that illuminates that moment in time, sparking it and making it come to life once again.

How can we hold onto the magic of that unique person who holds a wealth of memories? It isn’t easy because memories are sometimes lost in translation. We know the wonder of that moment that transports us back in time, but how do we share that in writing, in mementos, in photographs? How do we hold on to that wonderful summer day at the beach, the last picnic with grandma, the family reunion or a special graduation?

Judy Bujold knows how. She will take your memories and turn them into a piece of art that can be held and enjoyed by you, your family and friends. She can take precious memories and interpret them, converting them into long lasting representations of who we were and are - as a friend, as a family member. She will convert memories into personal recollections that will stand for all time.

Gather your memories now and have Judy work her magic.

Written by: Kat Mendenhall

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