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Simplify = Happiness

Being at home during these unchartered times gave me the opportunity to tackle some daunting tasks that I let sit for years. Probably because the only time I see these unfinished projects is when I go into my attic looking for something I cannot find in the house. Nevertheless, this isolation period provided me with the motivation to tackle the many boxes and file cabinets full of papers and memorabilia up in my dusty attic. Hence, all these things came out into the sunlight on a Saturday morning, ready for my undivided attention.

I was amazed at what I had uncovered, things that brought back many old memories and emotions. When I was done with my foray into the attic, I was so glad I tackled this overwhelming project because these forgotten memories also brought back some of the forgotten joy too… like this article I wrote about “Why I like to Garden”. (And it’s still true!)

Now, let’s talk about your memories. Like with me, maybe this would be a good time to rekindle your own joys and bring them back to life. So perhaps you could pick a day, pick a room or a corner of the attic, and set a time frame for your own adventure. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and what you might find hidden away in your own dusty attic.

Now could be a perfect time, in some small way, to simplify your life. Here are a few examples of items that can be rediscovered and digitized while practicing spending so much time at home.

A. Loose photos - in boxes, bins or scattered about in drawers around the house

B. Old family albums and scrapbooks

C. Photos on the wall

D. Photos in frames

E. Memorabilia and knickknacks in cabinets and on shelves

F. Documents in filing cabinets, boxes and/or drawers.

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